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The Most Flexible Stored Value Option for any Business

Gift Card


Who we are

We specialize in stored value & rewards products, providing ultimate flexibility across stores and businesses.

What we do

We provide custom gift cards, rewards programs and stored value software tro your business.


Unlimited Number of Products
Infinite Stored Value Programs, with Totally Customization

Standard Gift Card

We design your signature gift card so that your customers carry your brand in their wallets. Keep them at your register, and change the design to fit the season. Any value, for any store.

Give the Gift of Giving

Here is a cute story about a time a customer used a gift card for the best birthday present his friend has ever received.

Customize your Rewards Program

What's going to catch your customer's eye? With unlimited and simultaneous options, you can create the package that will have your customer coming back for more.

10 coffees gets you one free coffee? 10 coffees and 5 bacon egg & cheeses gets you one free bacon egg & cheese? 5 coffees & 5 bacon egg and cheese gets you half-a-dozen donuts of you choosing? The options are endless!

Free Sub & Soda?

Here's a cute story about how this chain of stores revenue increased because their sub & soda card was such a big hit.

Exchange Funds Between Stores

No more tedious accounting! No more trying to figure out where the missing merchandise disappeared, and the why the disparity between the register and inventory. NuMoney will keep a seamless account of your multiple stores transactions, so each penny is accounted for.

No more Tedious Accounting

Here's a story about how annoying it used to be to account for stored value between stores, and how much easier NuMoney makes it.

Exchange Funds Between Multiple Franchise Owners

No single store should loose on a reward program when we have the technology t track exactly where customer's stored value originated. With NuMoney, we can easily track & transfer funds between multiple franchise owners, so that everyone gets their fair share.

National Rewards Programs with NONE of the Financial Loss for your Stores

Here's a story about how annoying it used to be to account for stored value between stores with different owners, and how much easier NuMoney makes it.

Make it Mobile with POS

We create custom POS apps including your very own app logo so customers can carry their rewards and gift cards virtually. In addition to placing orders straight from their devices. Get Connected and get that brand recognition you need to stand out.


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